Leather Protect

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Moxy Leather Protect shields your leather against daily wear and tear, extending its lifespan. By moisturizing the leather, it prevents premature drying and cracking, keeping your leather surfaces supple and smooth. With regular use, Moxy Leather Protect ensures that your leather always looks and feels brand new. Plus, it provides maximum UV protection, keeping your leather safe from sun damage and fading.

Begin by thoroughly cleaning the leather surface with Moxy Leather Cleaner to remove any oils and impurities.
1. Take an applicator pad or a folded towel resembling an applicator pad and apply 2-3 lines of Moxy Leather Protect onto it. Dot these lines around the leather surface you wish to treat.
2. Work Moxy Leather Protect into the cleaned leather using the applicator pad or towel. Allow the product to stand on the surface for 5 minutes.
3. Gently wipe off any excess product with a clean, soft cloth. For optimal maintenance and protection, it's recommended to repeat this process regularly.