Turbo APC Concentrate

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Turbo APC Concentrate is formulated to tackle tough grease and oil stains. Dilute this concentrated formula to effectively clean a variety of surfaces including plastic, vinyl, carpets, and more. Our finely tuned formula ensures effortless cleaning of your engine, tires, upholstery, truck beds, and suspension components.

Begin by removing any loose dirt or road grime using a pressure washer or water hose. Next, either directly spray Turbo APC onto the surface or apply it onto a clean, soft microfiber towel. Apply the product generously to ensure complete coverage. After application, thoroughly rinse the treated surface. To prevent water spots or potential damage, promptly dry the surface. For delicate surfaces, wipe again with a microfiber towel dampened with water to prevent staining. Repeat the procedure as required for persistent dirt or grime.

DILUTE 1:10 for standard use
DILUTE 50:50 for use with an extractor