Leather Cleaner

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The ultimate solution for cleaning tired leather surfaces. Whether it's natural, synthetic, or sealed leather, Moxy Leather Cleaner works tirelessly to bring back that showroom feel. From oils to sweat stains, our formula tackles it all with ease. 

1. Spray Moxy Leather Cleaner directly onto a soft brush or microfiber towel.
2. Use the brush or towel to agitate the surface, removing dirt and stains.
3. Wipe away any excess solution with a clean soft microfiber towel for a pristine finish. Repeat the process as needed until your leather surfaces are spotless. For added protection after cleaning, consider applying Moxy Leather Protect. Moxy Leather Cleaner is suitable for all types of leather, not just vehicle upholstery. Use it wherever leather is found for unbeatable results!